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IoT, It's Time for a Total Solution

Three-quarters of IoT projects are not successful, with “long completion times”
cited as one of the primary reasons for failure. - Source

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One module replace combination of a single board computer, a 4G/3G/2G module, a GPS moduel and other hardware. Android, ARM A53, WiFi, 4G/3G/2G/ LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, UART, I2C, USB, GPIO and More

All-in-One IoT Application Development Tool Set

Get the IoT-in-a-Module, Cellular Dev Board or Gateway

Computing designed for seamless interaction of the digital world, the physical world, and people. Integrated Hardware, Data Visualization, Dev. Environment, Cloud Back-end and Instant Messaging. Pictured Cellular Dev Board ( July 2017 )

Current Lead Time is 4-8 Weeks, Thank You.